Month: April 2012


Partnering Up with Mrs. Burnside Again

Mrs. Burnside's 5th Grade Class Partners in Education 2011-2012

Yesterday was our last visit of the year for Partners in Education! It has been such a blast to spend time in the classroom with Mrs. Hollie Burnside’s 5th graders! Throughout the school year we have taken the students several types of treats; sugar cookies, candy, chocolate chip cookie cake, and even t-shirts. To get the students pumped to learn about vehicles, buying vehicles and some life lessons we played fun games with them. One visit we played at recess with the students. We tested the students’ knowlege with quizzing them and told them stories and shared tons of information with them. Our mascott, Woody Woodchuck went to visit the students a couple times as well.

The students weren’t the only ones that gained something from us being there. We enjoyed running and playing kickball and playing on the junglegyms!  The students gave us some insight to the future of Chillicothe and America. These children are very talented! We were lucky enough to get cards, letters, and posters that they had created. Their artwork can be seen at our dealership. These outsanding young individuals also starred in our Facebook Free Fuel/Food Friday Bumper Sticker Contest video. It can be seen on our facebook page,! We are very pleased for the time that we got to spend with them! Thanks for the fun memories!