Month: September 2015


Zoom into Fall Safely


By: Monica England

Do you love the cooler days, warmer clothes, and all the dazzling colors that come along with Fall? Nature has a spectacular way of getting ready for bed, so to speak, and I love all the changes! While I drove my kids around town the last few days, I noticed that the leaves are already changing and starting to fall! With that observation, my thoughts shifted to keeping my kids safe, a process that as a busy mom is always at the top of my list! Check out these informational, and helpful tips here:


Where are you going? I don’t know- I can’t see the road!


Good visibility when driving is crucial.   Now that it’s almost Winter, you really depend  on your windshield wipers and windshield washer fluid to help maintain a clean view of the road.  Of course, that washer fluid does run out, and it always seems to happen at the worst times.

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Easy Breezy: Your Road Trip Checklist to Get your Car in Fighting Shape


You know that feeling you get when you pass someone having car problems and you think to yourself “Boy, That Sucks!” and then hope that doesn’t happen to you. With these few steps, you can assure that your road trip is going to be easy breezy!

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Say Goodbye to Drinking and Driving!


As I was watching TV the other day I heard yet another story about somebody drinking and driving which led to a fatality. It seems as though those stories can be heard every day. Sitting there I thought to myself, “Self, when are people going to figure out that drinking and driving NEVER leads to anything good?” So, Curiosity got the best of me and I began researching what the automotive industry is doing, if anything to curtail the efforts of those with nefarious intent. Upon my digging I found this disturbing information…DID YOU KNOW that Drunk Driving kills 28 people PER DAY? The statistics are overwhelming. Luckily, scientists are one step ahead as they look to create cars WITHIN 3 years that are able to test your blood alcohol level before you start your car. If it’s above the legal limit of 0.08, your vehicle literally will not start. Watch the video below to get all of the astounding details!

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Why are Modern Day Safety Features in Vehicles Needed?


Imagine this… It’s a sunny spring day, the grass is a vibrant green, the smell of fresh flowers and newly mowed grass lurk in the air, and you can here the laughter of children sweep across your neighborhood as they wait to catch the bus. It’s a Monday morning you cannot wait to get to work to pick up where you left off Friday. As you step out your door with your fresh cup of steaming hazelnut coffee in your hand, you gradually walk to your car to go on your 30 minute commute to work. That’s when it all happens!

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Used 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan for sale Greater Kansas City

T_FWD_3.6L_V6_Leather_Seats__Navigation__Third_Row_Seating T_FWD_3.6L_V6_Leather_Seats__Navigation__Third_Row_Seating_2 T_FWD_3.6L_V6_Leather_Seats__Navigation__Third_Row_Seating_3 T_FWD_3.6L_V6_Leather_Seats__Navigation__Third_Row_Seating_5 T_FWD_3.6L_V6_Leather_Seats__Navigation__Third_Row_Seating_7

Are you looking for a comfortable ride that you can take the whole family? Well take a look at this Certified, Own Owner 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan R/T! It comes equipped with; FWD 3.6L V6 Leather Seats, Uconnect 430 Navigation/CD/DVD/MPS/HDD Touch Screen Media Center w/AUX, Third Row Seating, Quad Seating with Stow ‘N Go, Remote Start, Bluetooth Connectivity, ParkView Rear Back-up Camera, Rear Spoiler, Heated Wiper Park & Defroster, Dual Zone Climate Control, Alloy Wheels and Keyless Entry.Generous amount of elbowroom. Ultra spacious. When was the last time you smiled as you turned the ignition key? Feel it again with this good-looking 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan. This terrific Dodge is one of the most sought after used vehicles on the market because it NEVER lets you down! To view more family vans just go to today!

We will pick you up at the airport or ship your vehicle to you! If you’d like more information about this luxurious used Dodge Grand Caravan our huge selection of other used Dodge or 700+ vehicles located near Kansas City please visit our website and provide us with your contact information. One of our empowered Woody’s Automotive Group Sales Advisors will contact you promptly.

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What Kind of Effect did 10 Years Have on the Automotive Industry?

10 years

What exactly puts that smile on our faces when we first sit down in our vehicles, could it be knowing that we will get where we need to go with all of the top of the line safety features that are now offered in modern day vehicles, or is it possibly just the little things that make our lives, and driving experiences that much easier and relaxing!?

Luxury or Space


So, you are out looking for a new vehicle that will fit your family best, yet not sure where to start. Are you more in to the luxury that is provided or the Space? Let me show you two different vehicles that are commonly up against each other and then you can tell me which one you would prefer.

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