Month: December 2015


AWD vs. 4WD


One of the biggest questions that floats around in our minds whenever purchasing a vehicle, is should I purchase a vehicle with AWD or 4WD, and what are the differences?

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Your Vehicle Winterizing Checklist

Winter Driving Checklist

It’s THAT time of year again…the time for slick roads and lots of snow! Help to prepare yourself, and your car this year by using a few steps to assure you both get to your destination safely with this Checklist for Winterizing Your Vehicle. Not only will this Checklist help to keep the condition of your vehicle, but they will also help to assure the safety of your vehicle in those treacherous conditions as well! Not sure where to start, or unsure about how to do those things yourself? Chat with one of our certified technicians about winterizing your vehicle HERE! OR, schedule your vehicle for it’s appointment at Woody’s Automotive Group!


Gas is cheap right now, but you can still save more!


Gas prices have been falling for awhile now, but that’s no reason waste cash by not thinking about how you fill up your fuel tank. ¬†There are some easy little tricks to make sure you get the best bang for your buck when you’re filling up the tank.¬† These may not add up a huge savings every time you fill up, but they’ll add up over time.

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