Month: August 2018


VAN Conversion Shopping? Checkout VanDOIt!

Have has many seats as you need and want for the whole crew.

Get ready for your adventure of a lifetime!

Plus you have a roof rack for surfboards, skies, snowboards and so much more.

So much in one van what more could you ask for?

Gear pull floor, haul anything and everything you want and get it out nice and easy.

You need to see this in person to truly embrace all of the amazing features this Van Do It has to offer you.

Need a canopy to keep you shaded while relaxing outside we got it.


A huge TV for all your shows and movies!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          VAN Shopping? Used 2016 Ford Transit Wagon XLT VanDoIt Van for sale in Greater Kansas City! *This 2016 VanDOit Camper Van comes with Air Compressor, High-Efficiency Roof Air Conditioner with Heat Pump, waterproof rear audio, PA system,m, Rear Overhead JL Audio Speakers, 8 ft. Manual Easy-up Canopy, Shore Power Hookup, 300 Amp Hour Battery Pack, 3 in 1 2000 Watt Inverter Charger Control, 340 Watt Off Grid Smart Solar System, Three Position Rocker Switch Control, Bed Lift Platform, Customizable Storage Boxes, Gear Slide, Ceiling Cargo Rails, Entertainment Box, Black Extrusion T Track, Ceiling/Floor Insulation, Removable Leather Seats for up to 7 passengers, Ceiling Can Lighting, Cargo Lighting, Accent Lighting, Front 52″ Light Bar, Rear Overhead Work Light, Upper Platform Queen Mattress, Upper & Lower Platform Foam Inserts, Roof Rails, SmittyBuilt Roof Rack, Slider Door Screen, Rear Door Screen, 7 Gallon Removeable Tank with On Demand Water Pump, 32″ LED TV, DVD/BluRay Player, 1/4 Wrap.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  *An affordable adventure Van specifically created by adventurers of every kind so that anyone can utilize the convenient, customizable design. This VanDoIt can be used as a primary vehicle with 7 passenger seating, convertible to a camper Van or anywhere in between. Many call it ‘Van Life.’ We are taking it a step further and calling it the “VanDoIt Lifestyle.” Go ahead and give our site and blog a gander. We assure you, its gonna make you say “You Van DO It”.Ranging From $48,000-$79,000 for a COMPLETE Van and conversion (industry promotor pricing), for less than the Price of a Chevrolet Suburban or Jeep Wrangler, YOU can own this top of the line Adventure Van and we will finance it and take your trade-in. You VanDoIt! Learn more at!