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Check out a few of our amazing customer reviews from this week! You should feel good about your dealership choice too! Join these customers who flew and drove for the best car buying experience in the U.S.A. We are located in Chillicothe, MO or you can view pictures, videos and more testimonials of over 1,000 vehicles at! A very special thank you to all of our customers who love sharing their WOW Experience!

Darin knew it was time to upgrade to something new and more stylish, congratulations! 🎉

Waneta knew she wanted to be apart of the jeep life, so she chose a Jeep Compass, congratulations! 🎉

Wesley just purchased this amazing Ram 1500, congratulations! 🎉

These royal loyal customers came back and knew exactly what they wanted, congratulations! 🎉

Congratulations to Casaunda on purchasing this Ford Edge, the perfect family-friendly vehicle! 🎉

Edward just purchased this Chrysler 300 and the entire family is beyond excited over this! Congratulations! 🎉

If you’d like more information about this vehicle and our huge selection of nearly 1000+ new and used vehicles located in Chillicothe, MO please visit our website at One of our empowered Woody’s Automotive Group Sales Advisors will contact you promptly.

For immediate assistance contact us toll free today at (888)869-0963. Our award winning Finance Management Team works with over 20 local and national banks to get you the best rate and term. When it comes to Price, we’re third party verified among the lowest in the nation! Not sure which vehicle you want? With the largest, most diverse inventory in Middle America you can view all makes in one location.

Check out our easy car payment calculator to view any interest/payment configuration. Come and see why so many car, truck, SUV shoppers come from all over the U.S.A to buy their vehicles at and read over 10,000 customer reviews on our website today. Also, watch video customer testimonials from our Wowed customers from all over the country!

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