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Did You Know? | Jeep Fact

In the 4×4’s first public outing, it was driven up the steps of the U.S. Capitol! When asked what it was, the driver replied simply, “It’s a jeep.” Two years later, Willys-Overland filed a trademark application.

After arduous testing, Willys-Overland was awarded the contract in July of 1941 calling for the production of 16,000 revised MB models at a unit price of $738.74. Most of the MA’s were sent to the United States Allies in Russia and England under the Lend-Lease program. Today, the MA is the rarest of all pre-production Willys, with only about thirty models known to exist.

Customer Testimonials | Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

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These royal loyal customers decided it was time to upgrade again, congratulations! 🎉


Congratulations to Gary and Kaycee on the purchase of this Jeep Compass! 🎉


Conner is heading home in complete style, an Audi A3. Congratulations! 🎉


Ya’ll, these two are so cute. Congratulations to Roger on the purchase of this Honda Ridgeline. 🎉


Lights, camera, action.. this could be the new holiday postcard. Congratulations to this adorable family on their recent purchase! 🎉


Congratulations to Katheryn and Edgar on the purchase of this Mitsubishi Outlander! 🎉


Congratulations to Noel on the purchase of this bright Ford Mustang! 🎉


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