We Want To Buy Your Used Vehicle! Get Cash Today!

get cash for your car

A market shortage in quality used vehicles has left us in need of vehicles possibly like yours.  As you know, we don’t have sales or gimmicks, we’re just looking for good vehicles we can resell.  We pay cash on the spot today.  No purchase necessary.  Keep reading to learn how!

  •  GET YOUR OFFER:  Share a few vehicle details below and we’ll extend a real offer in 2 minutes.  No haggling. No hassles.
  •  TRADE IN OR SELL: The choice is yours! Trade in your old vehicle for a new one, or sell it to Woody’s Automotive Group.
  •  GET PAID:  After a quick, on-site review of the vehicle, we’ll either cut you a check, or hand over the keys to your new ride!

How Does Instant Cash Offer work?

Tell us about your car.

Tell us your car’s specific features and condition.

Get the instant cash offer.

Find out what you can get for your car today. Offers are good for 7 days.

Bring your car to Woody’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Bring in your car and offer. They’ll verify the offer using the same questions you answered at home.

Get cash or Trade-in credit.

The offer is the same whether you sell or trade-in.

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